Once Upon a Tree
An insightful tale of a leaf searching for it's purpose, available in bookstores everywhere from Plum Blossom Books!

Once Upon a Tree Cover.jpg

In this simple parable, a leaf is very happy leading its leaf-life, until it watches a bird learn to fly, and a caterpillar turn into a butterfly—and it starts to worry that it should be learning to fly or turning into a butterfly too. A tale, in other words, of the fears we all make up for ourselves, and how to calm them.

Uplifting… An important book. It tells the children, and the children who are hiding in adults’s bodies, that we don’t have to do what others are doing.
— Worn Corners
A graceful book that parents will read for its insights and children will finish only to ask, ‘again... again...!’ In a world that rushes children at warp speed, demanding that they keep up, it’s wonderful to find a story that moves with the quiet and gentle rhythm of a child’s heartbeat. What a pleasure.
— Ellen Goodman, Pulitzer Prize-winning Columnist and New York Times Best-Selling Author
So much wisdom in one little leaf! I will never look at another tree without remembering this charming tale. It’s for every child I know, and the child in all of us.
— Lynn Sherr, Award-winning TV journalist and New York Times Best-selling author
You didn’t write this book for children... You wrote this book for ME.
— Ron N.